Calico bandage with a woven edge

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General Characteristics and use – Calico bandage is a woven medical product aimed for bandaging or swaddling. Due to an inweaven brim, the edges of the bandages are weaving as linen fabric in the variety of width ( 4,5,6,8,10,12 and 15cm) and lengts 5m
With woven calico bandage the edges are clean-cut and even with a woven hem.
Cut bandage is made of fabric and therefore has cut edges. Both types of calico bandage are manufactured in linen interlace.
Raw material structure – It is made of raw cotton yarn Nm 50/1 and Nm 60/1 with density of 12/8 threads per cm2.
Storage and maintenance – Bandages must be stored in a dry ( 75 % relative humidity at the most) and dark place, protected from direct sun rays and dust.
Packaging -Calico bandages are packed separately into paper or cellophane wrappings, then by ten pieces into transparent foil and then into a cardboard box. Calico bandages are manufactured in following dimensions:
4cm x 5m
5cm x 5m
6cm x 5m
8cm x 5m i 8cm x 10m
10cm x 5m i 10cm x 10m
12cm x 5m i 12cm x 10m
15cm x 5m i 15cm x 10m


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