Hydrophilic cotton gauze

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  • Hydrophilic gauze 80cmx100m
  • Hydrophilic gauze 80cmx10m
  • Hydrophilic gauze four-layer roll 90cmx100m

General Characteristics and use: Made of carded cotton yarn, weaven as linen fabric with in 10/7 threads per cm2 density and other densities as needed. It is chemically neutral and does not contain other fibers, glue, starch or dextrin. It is bleached and hydrophilic; it is largely used in medical care, industry, and household and for the needs of the army. It is manufactured in the stripes of 80-160 cm width.

Raw material structure – cotton yarn Nm 60/1.

Storage and maintenance – keep it in a dry ( 75% relative humidity at the most) and dark place, protected from dust. It must not be washed with the use of detergents harmful to human health.

Packaging – packed in single packages of:

  • rolls contain 80 cm ( 90 and 100 cm) wide and 100 m gauze stripe packed into pvc sack, five a which make a carton
  • rolls containing 80 cm wide and 10 m long gauze stripe packed into pvc sacks , fifty of which make a carton


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