Immerci SilicoCELL

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Immerci SilicoCELL is polyurethane silicone cover.

Dimensions: 10×10

Packing:2 covers


Sterile polyurethane base with semi-permeable polyurethane film on the one hand , flexible and highly absorbent and fine adhesive silicone on the other.


Immerci SilicoCELL cover is itended for wounds with exudates (ulcers and decubitus) as well as for the removal of uninfected diabetic feet. The overlap can also be used at the stage of cicatrization (scarring) for all types of wounds (skin abrasion, tissue transplatation, postoperative wounds).

Properties: 1. In contact with the wound, the silicone layer does not stick to the damaged tissue, its removal is painless and non-traumatic.

2.It has the feature of absorbing exudate from the wound without forming a gel

3.Insure favorable conditions for wound healing and prevents the formation of scars
4. The second layer of coating is a polyurethane that leaks steam, but does not leak water or exudate and represents a barrier to microorganisms.

Instruction for use:

Clean the wound with the appropriate cleaning agent. Make sure the area around the wound is dry.

The overlap can exceed the size of the wound by 1 or 2 cm.

Remove the protective film and put the silicone side of the cover to the wound.

Change Immerci SilicoCELL overlay depending on the clinical development of the wound or the occurrence of saturation symptoms (saturation).

The SilicoCELL can be cut with sterile instruments to the size that is suitable size of the wound.


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