Triangle bandage

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General Characteristics and use – formed bandage has the shape of even lemb trinagle. Pressed and wrapped bandages have a shape as a parallelepiped. The size of callico bandages is 100cm x 100cm x 140cm. The bandage is used for safer bandaging of certain body parts when they are injured: head, jaws, upper part of neck, shoulders, arms or legs. It is used to covering larger parts of body or as an immobilisation aid (fixing aid) to keep the injured extremites in the desire position.

Components: IIndividully packed bandages consist of:

  • Calico cloth olive green color ( or any other color chose by the buyer
  • Parchament paper
  • wrapping bags made of PVC foil or tissue paper

Packaking: The bandages are packed according to do desire of buyers.


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